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9 June 2021by admin


On June 2 the first Collins Charity Fight Night charity boxing gala took place at the Warsaw Marriott. Despite the fact that many important personalities appeared in the ring, including former prime minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, titled boxer Przemysław Saleta, Polish football representative and MMA player, Piotr Świerczewski or the Collins brothers themselves, the most important fight for us was the members of the Dragon Kraków Paraboxing club, Łukasz Kosiara and Paweł Kaleta – Polish representatives in boxing on wheelchairs. The boxers, with their determination and skills, proved that there are no barriers in this sport, and that all players are one, regardless of limitations or physical abilities.

As Biocannamed, we had the honor to be part of the DKP team together with our special guest Jakub Krupniewski. Kuba is a former MMA, boxing and karate kyokushin fighter, who has been physically disabled for 11 years due to four-limb paralysis of the CNS, epilepsy and neuropathy. Kuba is also a cannabis activist and a medical marijuana patient. On the other hand we have been supporting athletes for years and in the near future we will take care of supplementing the players of the Krakow club with CBD oils.

The world of sport has been interested in the benefits of hemp products for a long time. Supplementation with CBD oils affects, among others for regeneration, improves the quality of sleep, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties as well as neuroprotective. In the case of disabled athletes, the relaxing effect, supporting the nervous system, relieving pain and relieving muscle spasticity is of particular importance. Club members will receive not only help in the fight against physical ailments, but also full substantive support in the field of CBD hemp therapy and medical marijuana.

During the gala, we also took part in the auction, adding our donation to the charity collection. The subject of the auction was a photo signed by Kaka, the legendary footballer who, together with the Brazilian national team, took first place at the 2002 World Cup, thus winning the world championship for his country. Meanwhile, football boots signed by the Brazilian forward Neymar were auctioned for 70,000. pln! All income from the organization of the gala will be allocated to families in a difficult financial situation.

We are grateful to the organizers, the Collins Brothers Foundation and Agnieszka Sasin, for this wonderful, emotional sports and charity event.


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